Grout ℞: Before and After Photos

Fresh grout, new caulk, bath, shower, and tile repairs

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Bathroom with mildewed caulk and grout where tile meets glass divider
Bathroom after removing and replacing caulk and grout
Cracked High Gloss Tile with holes from anchors before repair
Repaired high gloss tile in shower with anchor holes and cracked tiles
bathroom with broken ceramic tile toothbrush holder that has matching soap holder
bathroom with soap holder that can no longer be matched
Bathroom tile toothbrush holder and soap holders both replaced to match and harmonize with existing toles
Historic tile toothbrush holder that couldn't be matched is replaced along with soap holder
Terracotta tile floor with dirty grout that has lost seal
Terracotta tile floor with clean and sealed grout
Cracked basketweave floor iles
Repaired basketweave floor tiles